Best Political Books

I feel it’s time for me to speak up and be counted.  At sixty-three years on our planet now, I figure better late than never.  It’s still a free country, I do believe, and that’s what I am very concerned about -  the future of our nation.I’ve created , over  time,  my best political books library.   I use “political” in very broad sense.  For example, economics, social issues, current events, history, as well as politics, etc.,  all these would be included under my term “political.”Recently, I read  Glenn Beck’s  Common Sense, The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government.  Glenn states that his book was inspired by Thomas Paine, who wrote the original Common Sense in 1776, which, for sure,  I have in my best political books library.    Included in Glenn’s book at the end, is a copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, a good deal – getting two books in one.Glenn reports on how the present government is out of control and what we must do to take our country back.  He reports on what both parties have done to undermine our freedoms and concludes with:          “The time has come for a second American Revolution —–bring your passion, but leave your muskets at home.  This revolution will take place in our minds and hearts…This revolution will be won when Americans rebel against the lies that are being told by those in power…”I believe Glenn Beck is a true Patriot, and is bringing a very important message to us at this time.  It’s  “we the people”  that have the power, and must realize this and must take our country back from the politicians that do not have our best interest at heart or our children and grandchildren’s best interest at heart.I have read  Glenn’s book and try to watch him on a daily basis, his program is on the Fox News Channel every afternoon.  I highly recommend everyone tune into his program and get a copy of his book Common Sense, it’s a must read.Another book that I have recently read  is Catastrophe, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.”How Obama, Congress, and the special interests are transforming…a slump into a crash, freedom into socialism, and disaster into a Catastrophe…and how to fight back.”Another book in my best political books library that needs to be read by every American.  I have placed Catastrophe as well as Fleeced, another book by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, in my library.

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